Arc System Works and Aksys offer $30,000 prize for BlazBlue EVO tournament

Aksys and Arc System Works have just announce that they’ve clubbed together to make a whopping $30, 000 for the BlazBlue EVO tournament – which is a pretty generous offering and should hopefully help boost player support.

In addition, the top US player will be flown out to Japan for the Arc Revolution Cup – and will be able to bring one other player with them too. Fair play to Arc and Aksys – that’s a very nice prize package right there.

Aksys will also be showing Guilty Gear Xrd  for the very first time in the US, which is reason enough to get excited. Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!  – a personal favourite of mine – will also be present at the event.


Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN


If that’s not enough for you, Toshimichi Mori will be on hand to sign merchandise, as will the voice of Rachel Alucard, Kana Ueda.



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