Arcaea coming to Switch on May 18

Lowiro has revealed that it will be bringing the touch-based rhythm game Arcaea to Switch digitally on May 18.

As is the case with many other mobile rhythm games that make their way to Switch, Arcaea is a paid release, rather than free with microtransactions. It’s priced at £34.99 — a good deal cheaper than buying every song in the mobile version — featuring a new progression system that will be used to unlock songs.

Arcaea Switch screenshot

Exclusive to the Switch release is the addition of a controller play style for “over 150 songs“, alongside the default touch controls. There are also five songs not available in the mobile version of Arcaea, though these are described as “first to release on the Nintendo Switch”, rather than exclusive.

More rhythm games on Switch is something we can definitely get behind. Having a huge selection of songs at a lower cost, without requiring a permanent online connection, makes for a more enjoyable experience over mobile.

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