ARCREVO WORLD TOUR Announced By Arc System Works

EVO 2018 is done and we are just about recovering from the weekend. Reveals were abound from pretty much every single tournament and Arc System Works did not disappoint us with this, revealing the ARCREVO World Tour at during the event.


Coming during the Guilty Gear Xrd – REV 2 Top 8, Arc System Works revealed their mighty rival tour to the high profile Capcom Pro Tour, a series of qualifiers at tournaments worldwide with the winners all qualifying for the ARCREVO America 2019.


The games on the Tour this year were confirmed in the video (linked below) to be: BlazBlue CentralFiction, Guilty Gear Xrd – REV2, and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. So, now is the time to practice your IADs, RCs, and up your Oki game.



The confirmed qualifiers at the moment will be:

  • Evolution 2019
  • Texas Showdown
  • Frosty Faustings
  • C.E.O.
  • Revolution 2018
  • Brussels Challenge
  • Head Stomper
  • ARCREVO Japan 2018
  • EVO Japan 2019
  • South East Asia Major


There’s more to be announcement but, this makes the first stop on the Tour our very own Revolution 2018 in London on September 28th – September 30th. So, if you’re in the UK and Europe, make sure you sign up and get yourselves over here for this event.


We’ll be in attendance at Revolution 2018, obviously, but what about you guys? Going to be fighting your way to victory at Revo? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, and keep an eye here on Rice Digital for more news about these events in the future.

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