DanMachi Infinite Combate Collector’s Edition Art Cards Revealed

Last week we ran the poll which allowed you to select the art cards you wanted to see in our exclusive DanMachi Infinite Combate Collector’s Edition! The results are now in and you can view below to see the cards that made the cut.



And the winners are:


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I have to say I’m quite surprised by what you guys have gone for, there were a few that were a dead cert in my opinion – but they’ve missed the cut! No Hestia at all! This is probably the biggest shock from the poll results, but apart from that, I can see where you guys were going with this one. And you know what, I don’t blame you. These are six SOLID picks, and I can’t wait to see them take their rightful place within our Collector’s Edition!


If you haven’t yet pre-ordered, you can do so here: https://funstock.co.uk/collections/danmachi-collectors-edition/


Infinite Combate will be coming to Switch and PS4 with our Collector’s Edition, and stock is limited, so get yours secured!


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