Astro Boy: Edge of Time Coming to Steam in English

Free-to-play digital card game Astro Boy: Edge of Time is getting an English-language Steam release this month! Plans for iOS and Android versions of the game were previously announced, but there’s no mention of them on the official website currently.


Astro Boy: Edge of Time brings together the works of Osamu Tezuka, with cards featuring his iconic characters redesigned by modern artists.


Some of the artists included are:


– Hiroya Oku (Creator of Gantz)


– NekoshowguN (Character Designer for Lollipop Chainsaw)


– Satoshi Yoshioka (Character Designer for SDATCHER)


– Suda51 (CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture)


– Hiroshi Matsuyama (President of CyberConnect2)


– Seiichiro Hosokawa (Character Designer for .hack//Roots)


– Hiroaki (Illustrator for SNK)


Astro Boy: Edge of Time Coming to Steam in English

The cast includes:


– Nobunaga Shimazaki as the Male Protagonist


– Satomi Satou as the Female Protagonist


– Mami Koyama as the Phoenix


– Hidekatsu Shibata as Goa


– Hiroshi Kamiya as Black Jack


– Yūichi Nakamura as Hyakkimaru


– Kazuya Nakai as Ambassador Magma


– Ryotaro Okiayu as Deadcross


– Miyuki Sawashiro as Astro Boy and Atlas


– Tomokazu Seki as Professor Ochanomizu


– Yu Kobayashi as Dororo


Astro Boy: Edge of Time Coming to Steam in English

Here’s an overview of the game and its features from its Steam page:

Welcome to the Sprawl

Dark forces beyond human comprehension have consumed nearly all that exists. With the known universe virtually ripped to shreds and the few survivors left for dead, those dubiously fortunate to remain alive find hope in an unseen power that transports them safely to a city known as the Sprawl, which exists outside of our spatiotemporal plane. Out of reach of evil, beings both human and robot must work together to survive in this harsh and strange realm.

Join Astro Boy, Black Jack, and other familiar faces from Osamu Tezuka’s “Star System”―reborn in a dangerous new world.

Redefining the Tactical Card Battle genre

– Unique positional combat: Players have access to two rows in combat, comprising an offensive row, in which cards are able to attack the enemy, but cannot protect the player; and a defensive row, in which cards defend incoming attacks but are unable to initiate assaults themselves.

– Re-imagined characters: Fresh new redesigns of Tezuka’s most famous characters, crafted by Japan’s most legendary illustrators.

– Story mode: Experience a whole new adventure fusing a deep storyline with unique card-based combat, and featuring Astro Boy and other beloved Tezuka characters.

– Multiplayer: Battle other players in multiple ranked and unranked online modes and prove yourself to be the best summoner in the Sprawl.

– The world of Astro Boy: Edge of Time is constantly evolving and growing! Regular updates add new cards, new story mode episodes, and new multiplayer modes, so there’s always something new just around the corner.

Astro Boy: Edge of Time Coming to Steam in English

Astro Boy: Edge of Time will be released on Steam later this month.

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