Atelier Ryza “1 Million Units Celebration” DLC now available

The previously announced Atelier Ryza DLC, which celebrates the sub-series’ 1 million units shipped milestone, is now available for both games.

Both Atelier Ryza and its sequel now have an extra free DLC costume for protagonist Ryza. The former gets “White Lily of Summer“, while Ryza 2 has “High Summer Formal” — they’re essentially the same dress in white and black variants.

By surpassing 1 million units, the Atelier Ryza sub-series has become the most successful part of the Atelier series as a whole. There are number of reasons why this ended up happening: various quality-of-life improvements over previous entries, a solid Switch version for portable gamers, or even the main character’s design bringing in new fans.

Whatever the reason, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a third Ryza game within the next year or two — around late 2021/early 2022, if it follows the same release schedule as previous entries.

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