Atelier Soundtrack Set for Gust’s 20th Anniversary – 44 Discs!

Atelier has been around for quite some time now, stunning us with amazing visuals, beautiful music, and terrific gameplay for just under 20 years. The series developer, Gust, has been around for longer, and tweeted a happy 20th anniversary on February 10th, also announcing an exciting new limited edition treat.


Atelier Soundtrack


A follow-up tweet elaborated on the promise of a special soundtrack CD, promising an Atelier soundtrack set that will be a whole 44 discs in size, encompassing music from the entire series up until this point.


atelier-iris-3 Atelier Soundtrack


The set will see a very limited print run through Gust’s online store, so you’re really going to have to be on the ball if you want this musical treat.


atelier-totori-plus Atelier Soundtrack



NPC_Nady2 Atelier Soundtrack


The latest Atelier game, Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea looks truly stunning. Why not pre-order your copy from our Rice Digital Store? Get it here.



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