Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay First Look in New 3DS Trailer

Spike Chunsoft have revealed a first look at Attack on Titan 2 gameplay in their latest trailer for the game. This comes hot on the heels of their announcement last week of a sequel to Humanity in ChainsAttack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates. As the title suggests, its story is based on the second, and currently airing, season of the anime.


Future Coordinates is actually looking pretty great for a 3DS game, aided of course by a visual styling that mimics the look of the anime. There will be action sections, base building sections, and walking around camps. On top of that it also looks like there will be some artwork from the anime itself in the game.


The story mode of Attack on Titan 2 will focus specifically on the events of the second season. There will also be a feature called “World Mode” that will let you team up with up to three other players online.


Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay First Look in New 3DS Trailer 1


It’s only a quick glimpse, but it looks like Attack on Titan 2 is taking what fans liked about Humanity in Chains and improving upon it. The 3DS is getting a little tired these days with the Switch outshining it, but this looks like a valiant effort for a later-in-life 3DS release.


Attack on Titan Humanity in Chains, the first 3DS Attack on Titan game from Spike Chunsoft, released in the west a year after its initial Japanese release, so there could be some hope for this making its way over eventually.


Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay First Look in New 3DS Trailer 2


Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates will be releasing this year in Japan on Nintendo 3DS. Stay tuned for any updates about this one heading west!

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