Hot Rice Anime Round Up – issue 5

After January taking all the hot new animes released this year, the downpour of anime turns into a trickle of series and movies – but with some gems we know and love! Join me as I go through whats worth a watch, what isn’t – and why you should check them out or avoid.   […]Read More

Hot Rice Anime Round Up – issue 4

This year has started off with some great anime, and I’ve watched some awful stuff too. Last year everything I tried was either addictive or had a new concept.  Let’s have a look at all the new releases for January to watch and the anime’s you can buy.     So without further ado – […]Read More

Hot Rice Anime Round Up – issue 3

The weather is cold, we have no snow but a few anime’s to look forward to at least! FUNimation have announced their release slate, which includes the debuts of OniAi Jormungand, Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (L.E) and Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess, and the next installments of One Piece , Fairy Tail and […]Read More

Hot Rice Anime Round-up #2

Hey everyone, I’m back once again with a round up of the current crop of anime releases doing the rounds – hopefully as a handy guide for those of you look to see what’s out there and what’s worth watching or buying! As always, if there’s anything you feel I’ve missed –  add your recommendations […]Read More

Hot Rice Anime Round-up

Hello it’s Aisha, I’m an events writer for and host of the Anime UK show podcast on I like anime so every month I’ll be writing an article (or two depending on any easter eggs company’s reveal) about all the latest dvd releases and new anime shows for on Rice Digital, with my […]Read More