Interest in Nintendo is now at an all time low,

Nintendo find themselves in a difficult position, after years of immense success with the Wii and DS, the company is now struggling to remain relevant. Losing mainstream support from the casual audience and failing to meet the expectations of the hardcore, the company seems to have positioned between a rock and a hard place.   Data […]Read More

The Horror Hype Train Terminates – The Evil Within Vs

As we approach the end of what has been a great year for survival horror we take one final look at Alien Isolation and The Evil Within to determine which title should be crowned King of Horror 2014. We’ll be breaking down each game’s performance based upon search interest (hype) identified through the ever reliable […]Read More

How’s The Hype – The Exclusives

How’s The Hype is a regular feature focused on the impact games are making in the wonderful world of ‘search’, using Google Trends to gather precious data we take a look at the titles Gamers are really keeping their eye on.       The Challengers Sony, Microsoft and even Nintendo have a great line-up […]Read More

I am Digital Video Game Snob and I Hate it!

I’m a pretty open minded gamer, or so I like to believe. If a game is released in a box, i’m always prepared to give it a chance, no matter how tacky the art may be, how poorly it’s been received or how dull the focus of the game actually is (cricket games say hi!). […]Read More

Have Square Enix Finally Seen The Light?

These past few years have been difficult for those of us with a taste for Japanese console games. With the Western industry in transition drifting towards AAA blockbusters, and Japan towards mobile games, interest in creating these niche titles for consoles has dwindled, particularly JRPGs. The last 4 years have arguably been the bleakest period […]Read More

Final Fantasy X is a Reminder of Greater Times Gone

So Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD collection is out this week, and to say I’m excited would be an understatement. It’s not often I look forward to replaying a 10 year old game over newer releases, but this is an exception! The game may have taken way too long to localise and convert to ‘HD’, but the […]Read More

Why doesn’t the Video Games Industry Ever Learn?

The video games industry is a curiously abstract entity. Encapsulating diverse experiences and thousands of games it has evolved into a magnificent interactive platform, unfortunately this evolution has been flawed and the impacts are clear to see.                                      […]Read More

How Can Nintendo Save The Wii U?

The Wii U is dying. Sales have remained stagnant since release and Nintendo itself has even acknowledged, so far, the console has failed to meet expectations. It may be related to the lack of software since its release, or alternatively, it may be associated with the company’s inability to market the machine and differentiate from […]Read More