Our 5 Favourite Male Japanese Voice Actors

I previously talked about some of my personal favourite Japanese voice actresses and today I want to go over some of my favourite male Japanese voice actors. Similarly to the way I laid out the previous piece, I will briefly talk about what their typical roles are and some of their defining performances. Then I […]Read More

HighSchool Of The Dead: The Waifu Review

HighSchool of the Dead is one of those legendary anime series. Not necessarily because it has an incredible or ground-breaking story, but because of how absurd it was. This is one of those series that I feel like everyone has seen whether it be for the plot or it’s ecchi tendencies.  Usually when I do […]Read More

Our 5 Favourite Female Anime Voice Actors

I have always been on the side of subs when it comes to watching my anime, not to say there is anything wrong with dubs of course. It’s all just personal preference and in some cases that preference can be anime specific. I still don’t know which voice I prefer for Goku and Vegeta as […]Read More

Shounen Jump’s Top 5 Best Boys

Weekly Shounen Jump. The stuff that a lot of us grew up on and also what got us into anime. Within this wonderful, action packed, hype-fuelled genre are some incredible characters. Some of which you may even consider as being the best boy? I’m going to list off 5 of my favourite boys from Shounen […]Read More

7 Favourite Moments From One Piece

One Piece. The Shounen Jump flagship series that has been going since December of 1997 is approaching it’s 1000th chapter. For a single person’s idea to be able to span for such an insanely long period of time, maintain its popularity the entire way through, and still attract new fans to this very day is […]Read More

Food Wars: The Waifu Review

Foods Wars or Shokugeki no Souma as some may know it by is famous for a few things: incredible looking food, incredible food blowing people’s clothes off, and most importantly the waifu’s! Food Wars is absolutely loaded full of adorable girls and I’m going to be giving you my top 5. For those unaware of […]Read More

Our Dream Final Fantasy XVI Wishlist

With a new title in the Final Fantasy franchise announced there is most definitely a lot of excitement, but similarly there is a lot of worry with regards to what odds elements Square Enix will present us with this time in Final Fantasy XVI. When it comes to their most recent releases the response has […]Read More

Top 5 Anime Films

When we think of anime, the first thing that comes to mind is seasonal shows that air weekly or long-running series. Anime films are a breed that, in my experience, never get as much talk and hype around them when compared to their episodic sibling. That being said there are many incredible anime films that […]Read More

Street Fighter: The Waifu Review

It’s waifu time once more and this time I’m going to be looking at the wonderful ladies of Street Fighter! I’ve been a Street Fighter fan for quite a while now and despite its ups and downs, I still find myself coming back to play it every now and then. I love my shoto characters […]Read More

Top 5 Shoujo Anime that you need to watch!

It’s always fun to talk about Shounen series. They’re what I grew up with, and I’m sure many other people have a similar anime origin story. However, for every great Shounen there is an equally fantastic Shoujo series that demands your attention.  When I was younger and watching series after series, back to back, I […]Read More