Chess of Blades is on Kickstarter!

Oh, to be a nobleman! It truly is a wonderful way to live. Exquisite finery is forever at your fingertips. Delicious food and fine wine are delivered to you in abundance, thanks to helpful butlers and… Well, the butlers aren’t all that helpful, to be honest, not when they pawn off children on you to […]Read More

Top 5 Bizarre English Otome Games

Ah, otome games. It is the genre that sweeps women off their feet, that sets their hearts aflutter and brings a rosy glow to their cheeks. Nothing brings me more joy than writing about… Wait a second. What was the title of this article again? ‘Top 5 Bizarre…’ Oh no. Oh gosh. You don’t seriously […]Read More

Upcoming English Otome Games You Don’t Want to Miss!

2017 is, without a doubt, the year of otome! There are lots of upcoming otome games to look forward to, some of which will be released this year and others of which have just been announced! With such a wide variety of romance-themed visual novels appearing on the market, I thought it would be a […]Read More

Cuppa’s 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

2016 was certainly an eventful year. With much-loved celebrities dropping like flies, the UK embracing a ‘Brexit means Brexit’ slogan and America hiring an orange man-child as their next president, it would be easy to write the year off as one massive, utterly regrettable, New Year’s hangover. Gamers do have a silver lining however, as […]Read More

Top 10 Spooky Yaoi Manga

The time for ghosts, ghouls, witches and monsters to terrorise the night is almost upon us! A fantastic way to enjoy that hard-earned trick or treat candy is with a delicious dose of spooky yaoi! What’s that? You’re too old for trick-or-treating? Is that why I get all those stares every y-? I mean, great! […]Read More

Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~ Releases Today!

Put on your detective hat and take out your magnifying glass, because Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~ releases today in Europe and North America! This adventure mystery game from Taisuke Kanasaki, the mastermind behind Hotel Dusk: Room 215, is now ready to be installed onto your 3DS!     Join the exploits of two […]Read More

Fire Emblem Fates Figures – The Full List

Fire Emblem Fates has been receiving many exciting figure announcements as of late! A stunning pre-painted Camilla figure has been getting fans especially excited. With that in mind, I thought writing an article that compiled all the Fire Emblem Fates figure announcements together would be a fun idea! Read on, Fire Emblem and figure fans! […]Read More

First 4 Figures Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood License and Statue Giveaway!

I have some exciting news to share with Fullmetal Alchemist fans and figure collectors! Makers of high-end gaming figures, First 4 Figures, have announced today that they have received the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood license for statue collectibles!   First 4 Figures have always been a big name in the gaming figures community, having been creating […]Read More

Pokémon Sun & Moon: Demo Release Date and New Starter

The evolutions of Pokémon Sun & Moon’s Litten, Popplio and Rowlet were revealed today! Not only that, but a wealth of new information surrounding Pokémon Sun & Moon was announced to get fans excited, including a release date of the game’s demo!     Torracat     The evolution of Litten is Torracat! This devilish […]Read More

Sekai Project AWA 2016 Announcements: Project Lux, Falsetto Memories and

The localisation company, Sekai Project, has announced three new titles during a live panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta. The three titles, Serment – Contract with a Devil, Falsetto Memories and Project Lux, excitingly offer vastly different gameplay experiences, from virtual reality to dungeon crawlers!   Serment – Contract with a Devil     Serment – […]Read More