How to Romance Your Waifu This Valentine’s Day

February is a red month. You know, the colour of blood… I mean, love. Which also means that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, ready to expose our collective crippling loneliness and leave us with an overwhelming urge to hide away and play video games in a dimly lit room for the entire weekend.     […]Read More

The Wonderful References of Outbreak Company

At this point I’ve accepted the fact that I am never, ever going to be caught up on anime – I am to be an eternal victim of Unlimited Backlog Works. As a result my eyes have only just trained themselves onto Outbreak Company, which finished airing a good year ago now. Which is essentially […]Read More

6 Tasty Japanese Games That’ll Set the Pace of 2015

It’s easy to tell that 2015 is in full swing; New Year Resolutions have been broken after a week of hard fought effort, being back to work and school is a depressingly real prospect, and of course we have some delicious chunks of gaming action close on the horizon, ready to be devoured! With the […]Read More