Sprung: The dating sim that has aged like fine wine?

Well, not really. Sprung is a bizarre, long forgotten launch title for the Nintendo DS that was released back in 2004. It was developed by good old Ubisoft, and as a Western visual novel styled dating sim, you can probably guess how its teen targeted set up is like before even venturing into the game. […]Read More

Shall we reminisce about the “Shall We Date” series?

Yes, we shall. As I briefly discussed in my Obey Me! article, I was very partial to Solmare’s Shall We Date series when I first started playing otome titles around 2014. Today we’ll be discussing the company’s questionable business strategies that many of us have come to notice, turn a blind eye to, or even […]Read More

4 otome tropes we never tire of

From tropes to cliches, whatever form of entertainment you find yourself drawn to it’s a certainty that some things are so common creators will find a way to keep staples of a genre forever relevant. Such a topic is often met with negativity and criticism, so let’s save that for another time and rejoice in […]Read More

A love letter to Love Calendar: DECO*27’s best album

I like my storytelling in songs, and DECO*27 takes my fondness of this even further with an album consisting of 12 tracks (13 for a bonus track on some CD versions) featuring an overarching plot. The 12 tracks span the 12 months of two 3rd year high school students DECO*27 calls Kouki and Shiori. The […]Read More

Our top 5 worst Danganronpa trials

Danganronpa is known for its ridiculously charismatic characters you either love or hate, bizarre and unusual killing mysteries, and the iconic villainous, monochromatic bear Monokuma. We’ve ranked our top 5 favourite trials before, but what are our opinions on the worst trials the series ever created? Find out below in order of our worst to […]Read More

3 beautiful visual novels to treat your eyes with

Who doesn’t love a good visual novel with nice illustrations? Here I will suggest three titles worth looking into just due to their exquisite art, and if you like what you see, I will be mentioning other works of the artists too. Support their gorgeous efforts by buying their titles on Steam! Flowers When someone […]Read More

Ranking the brilliant bachelors of Rune Factory 4

With Rune Factory 5 in the distant horizon to potentially drop for the West I wanted to take a moment to look back on the lovely cast of Rune Factory 4 to celebrate the title after spending well over 200+ hours in their company (yep, I’m pretty obsessed with this cute farming and RPG hybrid). […]Read More

Trope Talk: Amnesiacs in video games

As another topic of interest I’ll be introducing for potential monthly discussion, Trope Talk will involve us discussing the strengths and weaknesses of a particular trope. We’ll discuss why it sometimes does or does not work in the context of a specific title and see whether we agree or disagree on it being an enjoyable […]Read More

J-drama Nostalgia with Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, better known as Hana Kimi (For You in Full Bloom) has seen multiple adaptations from its original manga source back in 1996. There’s been the Taiwanese adaption, Korean adaption (To The Beautiful You) and Chinese adaption (Runaway Sweetheart). There’s even a side story Special and remake of Japan’s own adaption in […]Read More

Top 9 unskippable anime endings as good as their openings

I won’t be the only one who got into Japanese music thanks to the many incredible anime shows out there. Here we’ll be highlighting the shows that had the added bonus of not only being equipped with an amazing opening but a just as worthy of an opening number in the ending theme. There’ll be […]Read More