How Yazawa Ai achieves bittersweet bliss with Paradise Kiss

Yazawa Ai is famed for her Nana series, a favourable mangaka who consistently creates stories set in reality with a very appealing maturity and realism to them. And what better time to bring this incredible Josei manga up than now with this years’ release of the 20th Anniversary Edition compiling the entire story in one […]Read More

Café Enchanté Review: Serving up an enthralling tale

Café Enchanté released on the 5th of this month, exclusive to the Switch as of now. It easily beats Aksys’ previous otome release of Piofiore: Fated Memories as the better title, with its rich world-building and lore, increasingly engaging story and lovable cast from the love interests (LI’s) to the side characters. Let’s get into […]Read More

4 Japanese games inspired by the Wizard of Oz

As a lover for anything related to the Wizard of Oz and seeing it as the prime inspiration for the otome game Ozmafia!, I wanted to discuss four other Japanese games that references 1900’s iconic children’s novel by L. Frank Baum. Unfortunately only one of my selections is easily accessible, with the others being harder […]Read More

Ichigo Takano’s Orange: What Makes Us Human

After discussing my favourite manga Claymore, it being more on the action side, I’m also just as partial to a good romance. And as a fan of time travel, Orange’s premise as a slice-of-life sci-fi romance really separates itself from the genre for this reason alone. Ichigo Takano explores the duality of our feelings and […]Read More

10 great Collector’s Editions that deserve a place on your

When companies add the extra incentive of limited editions onto already appealing video games, that’s asking for a lot more attention and sometimes being just too hard to resist. Here we’ll be discussing my favourite editions and for the sake of a shorter title, these will be any special edition, be it collectors, limited or […]Read More

The brilliance of Claymore: A passionate analysis

Claymore is an action/adventure shounen manga series, spanning from 2006 to 2015 while the 26 episode anime followed the plot of the first eleven volumes, with an exclusive anime finale that closed off the show in 2007. Having become a massive fan of the manga after watching the anime around the time it finished airing, […]Read More

5 visual novel BGM tracks perfect for Halloween

Want to get your spook on in time to celebrate Halloween? Then you’ve come to the right place! Having previously covered how much I enjoy horror visual novels, I saved this topic for this month to highlight my favourite horrifying visual novel BGM tracks. Let me know what your favourites are below! Spooky Visual Novel […]Read More

3 smart educational visual novels designed to teach you

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tokyo Colorful Days and Go! Go! Nippon! -My First Trip to Japan-, two well-known visual novels where we follow two lovely ladies into districts of Japan, learning locations and Japanese phrases while falling in love. And what did that teach us? A lot I’m sure, but not enough! So let’s […]Read More