Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack revealed

Thankfully, it’s going to be renamed Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles HD for a Western release. In a somwhat unprecedented move Namco Bandai took the liberty of not just revealing the game – but also the fact that the US and Europe would be getting their localisations as well!   If you need cast iron proof […]Read More

Xbox One doesnt need to care about core gamers

I was somewhat was disillusioned by yesterday’s Xbox One reveal. I started watching as hyped as anyone (who has used the Xbox 360 more than any other console for the last seven years) could possibly be. The first ten minutes I was happy – almost impressed – but then something awful happened.      EA […]Read More

Sexy Pokemon cosplays that you may find arousing

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re brain deep in your weekly Excel spreadsheet report – the next, you notice your boss leave for the morning, and before you know, it you’re frantically searching deviant art for sexy Pokemon cosplays because you were thinking of buying Mystery Dungeon at lunchtime.      And if you weren’t […]Read More

Top 5 most physically painful to play games

Sometimes games really hurt to play. Nope, I don’t mean having to suffer an evening of being no-scoped by a team of feral nine year-olds, I mean real, physical pain. Physical pain caused by one of the most sedentary pastimes known to man. Physical pain that’ll make you screw you face up a bit and […]Read More

War of the Human Tanks Review (PC)

War of the Human Tanks was released on Rice Digital’s store  yesterday, so I thought I’d spend the morning exploring what it has to offer. From doujin circle Yakiniku Banzai and localisation company, Fruitbat Factory it’s a smart little strategy game – with a cute exterior.     One thing that did take me by surprise […]Read More

All your NES heroes in one amazing crossover

Like my childhood dreams made real – I stumbled on this trailer for Super Mario Crossover 3.0 this afternoon and though I’d share. Apparently it’s been doing the rounds for some time and features all your NES heroes in one amazing crossover! Hit the trailer below for all the retro goodness and cameos you could possibly […]Read More

Tale of ALLTYNEX getting a Western release

Probably one of my favourite shooter series of all time, Alltynex is getting a Kickstarter campaign and Steam Greenlight entry! One of the most revered and respected Japanese shooting game series ever: The Tale of ALLTYNEX should be at the forefront of any self-respecting shmup fans mind.     The point of this post? To […]Read More

Little girls who give birth to sweets

File this one under ‘scary’. There’s a Manga in Japan – which I’m assuming is a doujin, though I’m not sure – which features little girls who give birth to sweets. Yes, SWEETS. There’s a catch though – they can only do it if they happen to wet themselves (of course!) and the sweets and […]Read More

Just say ‘no’ to brown games

Thinking back along 20 years of gaming, I’m struggling to remember when brown became everyone’s favourite colour? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like brown. Chocolate? Tasty – and brown. Coffee? Brown and completely necessary. Dogs? Some of them are brown and I really like dogs.      There are things that I don’t like […]Read More