Top 10 Sexy Games For Perverts

I am a massive pervert. I don’t mean in a grooming-children-while-playing-Call of Duty kind of way. More in the way that I have a certain… appreciation for sexy games and the moe. I feel no shame in browsing Gelboru on public transport. I have four wives. All of them printed on double-sided dakimakura.     […]Read More

Langrisser remake coming to Switch and PS4

I missed the original Langrisser remake news on this.  They’re due to release on both Switch and PS4 in April 2019 in Japan. Both the first and second installment are due for release in one collection. There is currently a demo available on Switch if you’re so inclined – Japan-only though, of course.   Anyway, […]Read More

Switch Otome games library is about to get MUCH bigger

Seems like the Switch Otome games library is about to explode. This weeks issue of Famitsu has teased a number of future plans from Idea Factory. Given that this is the companies 25th Anniversary, Idea Factory president Yoshiteru Sato and Compile Heart President, Norihisa Kochiwa shared details of what may be in store for fans soon.   […]Read More

Onechanbara Remake gets a new character reveal

So it looks like the Onechanbara Remake is inching closer. Announced at TGS last year Onechanbara Origin from D3 has been pretty quiet on the news front – but this week in Famitsu, D3 announced a new character and some very slight details on the up-coming brawler.   The Famisu article reveals that Onechanbara Origin […]Read More

New Love R Trailer is GO!

I’m basically posting this because I absolutely LOVE Minoboshi Taro’s artwork. Not quite as much as I love Mel Kishida’s artwork – but close. So very close. So here we have it, a band new Love R trailer – specifically the Riria Takamura Prologue trailer.     Riria Takamura is one of six girls which […]Read More

PQube New IP teased

In some rather surprising news yesterday, or should I say tweet, a PQube new IP was teased with just a single image and a couple of vague details. Coming from a company best known for the likes of Steins;Gate and Muv-Luv, it will come as no surprise that this new IP is a visual novel. […]Read More