New BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character incoming

Arc System Works recently made round of new announcements regarding BlazBlue. Specifically that there will be a new BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character incoming with arrival of a 1.5 update to the 2D fighting game.   BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was last year’s new fighter from Arc System Works which saw characters from BlazBlue, Persona, […]Read More

Are SNES Games Switch bound?

Ever since the NES line up arrived via Switch’s online service the question has always been SNES Games Switch when? I don;’t mean to be down on the NES in anyway, but other than the odd throw-away session here and there, those games are O-L-D and the quality of life playing some of them is, […]Read More

This Japanese Ukiyo-e Pokemon Art is amazing

This Japanese Ukiyo-e Pokemon Art is amazing.  It also gets bonus points for reading right to left. The attention to detail. THAT NineTails art. Just incredible work that I, for one, full approve of. I actually remember this from, oh… probably about ten years ago…   Though only today was reminded of this Ukiyo-e Pokemon art […]Read More

The Best Japanese Games of 2019

Oh, okay, so maybe not the best Japanese games of 2019 – maybe ‘most anticipated’ would have been a better choice of words, but since I’m trying to get my SEO thing to turn green in word press I’m going to stick with it. If only to keep the editor of the site from sending […]Read More

New Granblue Fantasy Versus gameplay details

Granblue fantasy versus gameplay details emerged this morning when game director Tetsuya Fukuhara updated the official website’s blog. Granblue Fantasy Versus, just in case you missed the memo, is an all new 2D fighter based in the Granblue universe.     Now normally, this wouldn’t be particularly special were it not for the fact that […]Read More

Internet reacts to the Sonic Movie Poster

You must have seen the Sonic Movie poster by now right? Love it or hate it, one thing is certain – the reaction to the Sonic Movie has been… interesting to say the least. The good thing is twitter and reddit have been awash with mildly amusing responses.   Here are my internet reacts to […]Read More

Evo Moment 37 Smash Bros recreation

Now THIS I like. It’s an Evo Moment 37 Smash Bros recreation – and though it’s not quite as hype as the original, it’s kinda nice to see it in action in Smash Bros – sure it’s Star Fox on the recieving end and not Peach, but hey, we’re not fussy.     This Evo […]Read More

Bizarre Super Smash Bros school shooting misunderstanding

Never expected to be typing ‘Smash Bros School Shooting’ this afternoon. Turns out the innocent use of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate symbol on a school whiteboard has resulted in a school being inundated with rumours that a school shooting was planned on the day of the game’s release. Thankfully it was all a misunderstanding. […]Read More

Atelier Totori Review Switch

Atelier Totori is an acquired taste.  Actually, the Atelier series as a whole are JRPGs that, while not exactly ‘divisive’ – represent a handful of games around which there’s either a dedicated following or, well, a general apathy towards.  I used to be in the latter camp. For this Atelier Totori Review Switch I hope to […]Read More