Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide

Arguably the biggest game of this year, we felt it would be madness not to put together a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide. In here you’ll find everything from character unlocks, to easter eggs and general hints and tips.      As we work though this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide over the weeks and […]Read More

Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight Guide

Well, it’s (or should I say, THEY) are finally here. And so too our Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight Guide. In here you’ll find all the unlocks for Social Events, Accessories and Costumes. Everything you need to track your progress if you’re looking to maximise your Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight experience.   And you’re going […]Read More

Atelier Arland Switch drops today

Something that we’d forgotten about until now, Atelier Arland Switch drops today. The Atelier Arland Series Deluxe pack as it’s known, releases on PS4, Steam and Switch today – and it’s a JRPG package that’s ridiculously weighty in content and absolutely worthy of your time.   Containing the full Arland Trilogy, arguably the most beloved […]Read More

Japan’s latest Senran Kagura Peach Ball promo sure is… sexy?

‘SEXY CHALLENGE – GO!’ Exclaims Marvelous Entertainments’s Senran Kagura Peach ball, as you proceed to rapidly pound your flippers so hard that you bash your balls into Ryona’s bottom – model Shimizu Airi and voice actress, Hitomi Harada shrieking with delight.   And well they might, because Peach Ball looks, frankly absurd. Ludicrously energetic and […]Read More

The five best free games on switch

I’ve always been a free to play skeptic. Every time I saw ‘F2P’ I always felt it was something dirty. Gaming’s icy tendrils of filth, clawing – existing only to emotionally extort money from me to play something that was, frankly, unworthy. But my opinions have softened over the years – so much so that […]Read More

16 unintentionally lewd Pokemon moments

Over the years, one thing has been consistent with the Pokemon series – and that’s its capacity for delivering hilarious, unintentionally lewd Pokemon moments. Surely, SURELY these can’t all be accidents?   Somewhere in Pokemon HQ, I like to think that a rogue element is slipping these moments into their games for us to find. […]Read More

The Shenmue Secrets Guide – 16 things you MUST do

With Shenmue 1&2 on the way next week, I thought I should put together a Shenmue Secrets Guide. Shenmue is such a strange game that many ‘secrets’ or ‘easter eggs’ are actually just little incidents. Or tiny cut scenes, or cool little things to discover. Minor though they may be, they add colour and character […]Read More

Bullet Girls Phantasia English hits Asia today

If you want a Bullet Girls Phantasia English version then you’re in luck – it’s out on PS4 and Vita today in Asia with an English Subtitle option. After the whole Omega Labyrinth Z debacle – it’s looking like this may be the best way to get hold of Sony platform-specific EXTREME SEXY TIMES. Sad […]Read More