Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future Review

Final Fantasy XV‘s story certainly isn’t perfectly delivered and so providing the final DLC in the form of a novel, grandly titled Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future, is far from the ideal conclusion. The story of the main game has been roundly criticised for how much of it has been drip fed […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Is the Perfect Game for the Lockdown

Final Fantasy is always a good choice when it comes to spending a lot of time, and that’s something which most of us currently have in surplus. Final Fantasy XV promised to provide more opportunity for that than any other single-player game in the franchise, it consigning the traditional linearity to history and instead putting […]Read More

A Nier Sequel – Why Did Nier Automata Happen?

It’s widely thought to be a pretty good thing that Nier has received a sequel – and indeed, Rice’s very own Kitsumeda was rather enthusiastic about it in an early preview. It initially seems, though, more than a little surprising that a sequel has actually happened, considering that the first game got unquestionably middling reviews. […]Read More