The World Ends With You Anime is coming April 2021

Square Enix has announced that the anime adaptation for The World Ends With You will arrive in April next year. In the newly released trailer, which you can watch below, main character Neku Sakuraba burns some frogs and makes some friends. You can also have a sneak peek (with you ears) at the anime’s opening theme. […]Read More

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers trailer shows off special abilities

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers must surely be one of the strangest games coming out over the next few months. This spin-off title in the EDF franchise transports the traditional giant bug-splatting gameplay into a cutesy voxel-based world. Aside from that surprising visual twist, World Brothers seems to pretty much stay true to the series’ […]Read More

Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop update coming in December

A new bow-toting hero, Kate Bishop, is coming to Marvel’s Avengers in a free update on December 8, 2020. Originally intended to release in October, as well as the new playable character the update includes a time travel themed operation: Taking Aim. This mission will begin a two-part storyline which shall conclude in early 2021 […]Read More

Danganronpa and Identity V are collaborating once more

Murder-mystery franchise Danganronpa and asymmetrical survival horror game (think Dead by Daylight) Identity V are having a second crossover event, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the former. During the first collaboration, which ran from May to June this year, costumes and items from the Danganronpa series could be unlocked in Identity V. The grand […]Read More

Falcom plans to release multiple games in 2021 to celebrate

Nihon Falcom turns 40 next year. To celebrate the milestone, the company intends to release multiple console games, including a new instalment in the Trails series. This information comes from Falcom’s latest financial report, and the Trails game was the only one to be mentioned by name. The report explains that, with over five million […]Read More

Fitness Boxing 2 has new demo available

The gym might be closed, but luckily Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise is coming out next month. Nintendo has just released a demo for the upcoming rhythm game, and it’s free to download. The demo allows players to pick an instructor, then try a Daily Workout, a Free Training exercise and hear a sampling […]Read More

Pokemon Go now compatible with Pokemon Home

Pokemon Go, with its pared down battle system and CP, has always seemed a little disconnected from the wider Pokemon universe. Well not any longer. Now you can upload the creatures caught in Pokemon Go to the cloud-based Pokemon Home and bring your Pokemon pals from the real world into the mainline Switch games: Sword, […]Read More

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin out now

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, a side-scrolling beat-em-up crossed with a farming sim, is out now. Developed by two-man team Edelweiss, Sakuna has gorgeous visuals and cute character designs. You play a disgraced agriculture goddess banished to an island full of demons, who must grow rice to become better at combat. Your aim, as the […]Read More