Tekken Card Tournament Review (Game and Cards) (Android)

Tekken Card Tournament booster packs hit UK stores on April 6th, bringing Kazuya and Co to the British Isles in card form. The cards are usable with the free to play app and browser games – but how much do the two rely on each other?     For starters, let’s take a gander at […]Read More

Senran Kagura Coming to Europe, Retail Confirmed

Senran Kagura: Burst will be getting released in Europe, it has been confirmed this morning. Additionally, the game will be sold at retail, unlike the American release which was digital only. Senran Kagura is a ninja themed beat ’em up produced by Marvelous AQL, who you might know from Rune Factory and Harvest Moon.   […]Read More

Is Today's Pokemon X and Y Announcement Gamebreaking?

Yesterday, leaked CoroCoro scans showed – among other things – Mega Pokemon, which are effectively new evolutions of popular Pokemon. Now the magazine has hit shelves, it been confirmed that these Mega transformations will endow Pokemon with increased stats and new abilities, taking some of the best Pokemon in the game and making them even […]Read More

New Pokemon X and Y Details Leaked, including Mega Pokemon

Pokemon X and Y are probably the most anticipated games coming to Nintendo’s 3DS this year, offering some new features including eight way movement and full 3D models. One NeoGaf member has provided information leaked from the next issue of CoroCoro.   Community member Watch Da Birdie said that scans included the re-typing of some […]Read More

Is King of Fighters XIII coming to PC?

King of Fighters XIII was critically acclaimed and well received by the tournament community, and it looks like SNK Playmore took notice of the game’s wider potential; CVG reports that King of Fighters XIII may arrive on Steam shortly.   The news comes via a trailer on the Steam site, which features gameplay footage as well as […]Read More

5 Simple Mistakes Nintendo Made with the Wii U

Sometimes, the hardest problems to see are the ones staring us in the face. The Wii U isn’t Nintendo’s death knell, as the company has billions of dollars in reserve, but recently released sales figures show that the console is in dire straits. Owing to waning interest, the console has even been removed from the […]Read More

Nintendo Direct EU roundup

Nintendo held another one of their digital press conferences today, shedding light on some of the software headed to their consoles in the coming months. Here’s a bite-sized list of all the announcements if you don’t fancy watching the video or leafing through twitter.     · Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright confirmed for European release […]Read More

Tekken Card Tournament booster packs in stores today

Though the iOS and Android versions of the game have already been released, Tekken Card Tournament booster packs make their debut in UK retailers today. Designed to complement the mobile apps, Tekken Card Tournament is Namco’s stab at the burgeoning free to play and mobile markets.   The turn based strategy game boasts extensive customisation […]Read More

Yatagarasu Indiegogo sees New Fightstick in Final Week

Described by developers as a “brand new version of Yatagarasu”, Attack on Cataclysm is a successor to the original 2011 release. Developed by three ex-SNK employees, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm will be localised into English and released worldwide should the campaign – which is near completion – turn out to be a success.     We’ve […]Read More

All You Need to Know About Armored Core: Verdict Day

The Armored Core series is arguably the most recognisable mecha action game, and Namco have released new information about the next game in the series, Armored Core: Verdict Day. The game release follows 2012’s Armored Core 5, which was praised by critics and fans of the series for its compelling multiplayer.   Set in a dystopian […]Read More