Dynasty Warriors 9 Review (PS4)

The beloved Dynasty Warriors returns with an open world setting, but for better or worse? This move to an open world is undoubtedly the biggest change to the series, though not the only one. Each Story chapter takes place on the same map, a huge area with open plains, snow-capped mountains, lush forests, towns, and […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Review (PC)

Stormblood, the eagerly anticipated second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, delivers much of the same and the expected, but at a level of quality that makes it a recommended title for any RPG fan, MMO or otherwise.     Players can now progress their characters to the new cap of level 70; explore six new […]Read More

FFXIV FanFest Yoshi-P Q&A – Letter from the Producer Live

The second day of FFXIV FanFest Frankfurt opened with “Eorzea Question Time”, a live version of Yoshi-P’s regular Letter with the Producer show. Event attendees were asked to write down a question that Yoshi-P and the development team would answer.     Q: Are there more choices for character creation planned? Bum slider etc. A: […]Read More

FFXIV Fan Fest Frankfurt Keynote Roundup

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 Frankfurt opened with director Yoshi-P’s Stormblood keynote. Alongside the Samurai job reveal and a brief summary of previously-released information, we received some tidbits of new content featured the upcoming expansion.     Doma   The keynote opened with an extended Stormblood trailer, taking us not just to Ala Mhigo […]Read More

The 5 Most Exciting Things to Look Forward to in

It’s finally happening — Final Fantasy XIV is getting its next expansion (and second ever) since the first one, Heavensward, came out in June 2015. Which isn’t to say Square Enix haven’t been happily pumping out some excellent free updates. But the time has finally come for a wave of fresh, new content to hit […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Magic & Stealth the Topic of Next

As we’ve mentioned many times Final Fantasy XV is being much looked forward to in Castle Rice, for a variety of reasons. It’s tough to believe it’s coming, but luckily Square Enix keep us abreast with their Active Time Report updates, the next of which will focus on Final Fantasy XV magic & stealth.   […]Read More

Attack on Titan Live Action Film UK Cinema Release

Animatsu have today announced that the live-action Attack on Titan Part 1 film will be shown in UK cinemas from 1st December! To put it simply, “I’ve been waiting for this day!”     You can book your tickets here!   Starring Haruma Miura, Kiko Mizuhara, and Kanata Hongō, and directed by Shinji Higuchi, the […]Read More

Samurai Warriors 4 II Review (PS4)

Samurai Warriors 4 II is a difficult game to place. It’s not quite the Xtreme Legends expansion that Warriors fans are used to, but neither is it a continuation of the Samurai Warriors 4 title. Tecmo Koei have described it as ‘telling the tales left untold by Samurai Warriors 4’. Unfortunately then, that Samurai Warriors […]Read More

Bladestorm Nightmare Review (PS4)

It’s Warriors, Jim. But not as we know it.   Gods, I can’t believe I opened with that. Seven years since its original release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, I take a look at the remastered and expanded next generation version of Koei Tecmo’s Bladestorm The Hundred Years’ War. This here’s my Bladestorm Nightmare […]Read More