Akiba’s Beat Mizuki English Character Trailer Revealed

Next up in XSEED Games’s English character trailers for Akiba’s Beat is Mizuki Aihara! He is voiced by Kensho Ono, and favours a gun as his weapon of choice. This is the seventh English character trailer, and the mix of cutscenes and gameplay really help to give a feel for Mizuki as a character, as […]Read More

Tekken 7 TGS Trailer for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam

At the Tokyo Game Show this year, Bandai Namco revealed a new trailer for Tekken 7.  I’ve always been pretty impressed by the graphics of the Tekken series, and, as the first instalment on the PS4, the new trailer shows Tekken 7 is visually splendid, as well as providing the quality fighting action we know […]Read More

A History of the Fire Emblem Franchise

The final path in the latest Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Fates, came out in June, allowing players to enjoy all 3 storylines. There’s some great DLC to get through too – the zany ‘Beach Brawl’, where your weapons are replaced with joke ones, is a lot of fun – and Amiibo compatibility lets you […]Read More