Visual Novel Spotlight: Corpse Party: Blood Drive

The decades-long series of survival horror games, Corpse Party, comes to a close with its latest installment – Corpse Party: Blood Drive. With the game’s jump to the PlayStation Vita, Blood Drive brings a number of new horrific aspects to the scary supernatural game we know and love.   It hasn’t been very long at […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering

Those familiar with yuri visual novels and the clear lack of ones translated into English likely know that the SonoHana series – or the A Kiss For The Petals series – has given us plenty of visual novels where girls hold hands and hold various other things. So it’s no surprise that MangaGamer has brought […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Sakura Swim Club

It seems 2015 is the year for Winged Cloud’s Sakura series – we’ve seen five games released under the Sakura banner this year and the end is nowhere in sight, with Sakura Swim Club becoming the group’s third game to be released one month after the last. Once again introducing an entirely new cast, Sakura […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: NEKOPARA Vol. 0

Cats and girls combine in the latest volume of NEKOPARA, the visual novel series where owning adorable catgirls is just another average part of life. While NEKOPARA Vol. 1 followed a man named Kashou embarking on a new career with his two loyal catgirls, NEKOPARA Vol. 0 sees a day in the Minaduki family life, before […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1

Winged Cloud’s latest addition to the Sakura series takes a slightly different turn in Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1. This time, in addition to being a series in itself, the game explores yuri options, a wider world of fantasy and the healing properties of chocolate baths. But even with slight changes, this entry in the series […]Read More

Otakon 2015 Visual Novel Localisation Announcements?!

Apparently after AX 2015, we haven’t had enough. There’s just too many good things to keep from bringing over to the English-reading world, and we have yet again been blessed with more localisation announcements. Including more genres and some long-awaited follow-ups to favourite games.     After Anime Expo just a few weeks ago, only […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Ame no Marginal

We’ve been given enough time to dry our tears after the Steam release of Stage-Nana’s Narcissu series. Now that things have settled, we have yet another Stage-Nana title to play: Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-. Made as a prequel-of-sorts to Tomo Kataoka’s Mizu no Marginal novel series, Ame no Marginal shows us yet another introspective kinetic novel.   There exists […]Read More

Visual Novel Localisation News from AX 2015

It’s that time of year again when the visual novel localisers we know and love roll up their sleeves and show us the aces they’ve been keeping there all year. We’ve already had a wealth of great titles unveiled this year, from XSEED’s Corpse Party: Blood Drive to Degica/IXTL’s Muv-Luv plans, but you can bet AX had more […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Sunrider Academy

With a larger variety of games arriving on Steam, the good old time management sim is making a comeback, this time in the form of Sunrider Academy. While those who have jumped on the stat-raising giant Long Live The Queen might recognise the genre, Sunrider Academy brings the classic school dating sim back, with a few […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels

Sakura Spirit, the short adult-oriented visual novel from Winged Cloud, was the game to signal the coming of what some may call the Steam Pornocalypse. For this game and its shiny assets caused a stir about just how or why visual novels were selling on Steam. And with the short game starting a whole series of […]Read More