Happy New Year From Rice Digital

From everyone here at Rice Digital, we would like to wish you all a very happy New Year! Thank you for all of your support over the last twelve months. We hope to be able to bring you even crazier quizzes, even more ridiculous articles, and even more amazing game deals in 2015!     […]Read More

Merry Christmas From The Rice Digital Team

“You there, boy. What day is this?” Always start a Christmas post with a paraphrased Dicken’s quote. Anyway. Season’s greetings! From everyone here at Rice Digital, we would like to wish you a turkey-gobbling, present-opening, power-leveling, cracker-pulling, carol-singing, button-mashing, dungeon-grinding, gift-giving, boss-running, Merry Christmas!   Have a really fun day and don’t get Granny too […]Read More

Tukiko and the Three T-Shirt Shops!

Once upon a time, there was a little tanuki called Tukiko. She was a geek and loved all things nerdy.             One day, she looked in the mirror and said to herself,   It would be a surefire way to show off her fandoms so she packed her bag and […]Read More

Free Rice Digital Goodies with Every Order!

FREE STUFF!   That got your attention didn’t it? I mean: everyone loves free stuff. …Oh, and we also love you.  And since we love you, we’re going to give YOU that free stuff.     With every order that you place on the Rice Store, we’ll include a random Rice Digital-themed pin badge, a […]Read More

NeoGeo X – Exclusive Funstock.co.uk Offer

For this weekend only, Funstock.co.uk are offering the NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition console for only £99.99 – That’s an astronomical £75 off!   They have a limited amount of stock at this price, so if you want to take advantage of this fantastic deal, get your copy now while stocks last!   For those […]Read More

Top Sexy Cosplays of MCM

Hello there! Here’s our list of Top Sexy Cosplays of MCM! We were lucky enough to see loads of gals dressed up as…oh…you’ve stopped reading. I’ll shut up and just let the pictures speak for themselves. ^-^   Al bhed her any day. *Pervy eyebrow raise*                  Xbox […]Read More

Awesome Cosplays from MCM Expo!

Rice Digital was lucky enough to attend May’s 2014 MCM Comic Con London and we took shed-load of cosplay photographs. After the weekend my camera memory card was crammed packed with wig-wearing, cape-bearing, Selotape skirts and cardboard shirts. You guys are insane for cosplay!     So here are my top 10 (in no particular order) best cosplays of […]Read More

Senran Kagura’s UK commercials are all about the humiliation

Embarrassed about buying Senran Kagura? Nervous about bringing it home in case your mum sees your copy? MarvelousAQL’s Senran Kagura Burst commercials focus on this very idea and pretty nicely put together! If you’d rather not have to take THAT boxart to the counter tomorrow – you could always downlaod a copy on the Nintendo […]Read More

Japan Explained : April Fools

On April Fools day or ????????, also know as Shigatsu-Baka, Japanese families and restaurants prepare and serve a Fugu and vegetable based stew called Fugu-nabe ???. Fugu is a poisonous pufferfish and is the most celebrated and notorious dish in Japan. Chefs in Japan need to have a licence to serve fugu because if its […]Read More