Our 4 Favourite Zelda Incarnations

There are two constants in the ever-changing setting of the Legend of Zelda series. One, there is always a princess named Zelda and two, she is gonna need rescuing. For the past 35 years, we have done a lot of rescuing her royal backside, so we’ve had enough time to get to know Zelda in […]Read More

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review

Prequels are precarious things. When your audience knows where the story is going to go, there isn’t much chance to surprise and delight them. It was one of the many things that held back the Star Wars prequels, after all. So, when Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was announced, that was the biggest source of […]Read More

Our 3 Best Zelda Companions

Considering he is a perpetually silent protagonist, Link seldom goes off to save the world on his own. Doing so would be too daunting a task, so he usually takes one of the best Zelda companions along with him to give him a guiding hand, to point out when he is missing a trick, and […]Read More

Age of Calamity: 4 Things to Know Before Playing

In case you haven’t heard, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is coming in just a few days. We here at Rice Digital are extremely excited for this one and, which other highly anticipated titles being pushed back repeatedly, we’re going to guess this is a big one for you all as well. But what is […]Read More

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review

Trying to explain the plot of Kingdom Hearts is a fool’s errand. It’s a convoluted mess of retcons, lore-dumps, and the intense mash-ups between iconic Disney villains and anime nonsense. But making the attempt to recap the series thus far is Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. From the first moments building a raft on Destiny […]Read More

3 Things to Know Before Playing Kingdom Hearts Melody of

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most loved and most incomprehensible game series in existence, even before Melody of Memory’s release last week. This is a universe where the main character exists in at least four different forms at any given time while the main villain can possess people across space and time for generally […]Read More

3 Video Game Anime Adaptations We Want to See

We’ve seen several video game anime adaptations over the years. From Resident Evil to Final Fantasy to Dragons Dogma to Castlevania, so many beloved properties have gotten the anime treatment. As someone who regularly writes about both video games and anime, it is something that I have strong opinions about. A good video game anime […]Read More

Our Top 3 video game romances

Beneath my tough exterior and general weirdness is the heart of a romantic. I love video game romances. Something about getting an active hand in the love story makes it hit just that little bit harder than in a film or even anime. Plus, I think a good love story can teach you something really […]Read More

The 4 Best Anime Mentors

A good mentor can be a lot of different things. They can be a teacher, a guide, or someone who serves as an example for others to follow. Anime is littered with great mentors and, as I move closer to their age than that of the heroes they are inspiring, I wanted to pay my […]Read More

The Top 3 Dragon Ball Super Moments

Dragon Ball Super has had a very checkered history since reviving the legendary series in 2015. Its had some highlights, some stumbles, and some really sketchy animation at times. With the latest manga arc set to wrap up in the next few weeks, I wanted to have a look at the nuggets of gold lost […]Read More