4 JRock Songs We Loved in October

Just because the world is uncertain right now doesn’t mean that the world of JRock has slowed down. As the weather outside turns dark and cold, these songs were the ones that lit that fire in us and kept us moving. As always, check out these songs a lot more on Rice Digital’s JRock Playlist […]Read More

Blood of Zeus Review

It’s a good time to be a Greek mythology fan. Hades has given us the chance to run amuck in the underworld, Disney has yet to announce an inevitably terrible live action remake to their animated version, and Netflix has given us a new anime from Powerhouse Animation Studios steeped in the mythos. Blood of […]Read More

Monster Camp Review

Back in 2018, we were all asked a very important question: Which monster do you want to take to prom? It is one that I ended up answering repeatedly and in increasingly creative ways thanks to Monster Prom, the dating-sim/visual novel hybrid from Beautiful Glitch. And now, thanks to the sequel Monster Camp, we’re getting […]Read More

Our Top 4 Best Anime Pets

Everyone loves a good pet. Someone to hang out with, who is going to love and support them unconditionally and go on the occasional adventure with. The only difference with anime pets is that sometimes the scale of those adventures tend to be a bit bigger. Often straddling the line between pet and co-worker, these […]Read More

Our 4 Best Anime Marksmen

Sometimes you gotta get up close and personal during a fight, but sometimes you want to keep your distance. After all, if your enemy never gets a chance to get close, then you certainly have the advantage. Anime is filled with characters sporting superhuman skill with weapons ranging from guns to bows and arrows to […]Read More

Our Top 4 Epic Anime Punches

There are plenty of anime that are thoughtful takes on the world and life and those shows are great. Sometimes I want to see the world in a new and exciting way and anime can definitely do that for you. However, sometimes I just want to see a bad guy get punched so hard the […]Read More

Persona 3: The Waifu Review

So I’ve covered the romance options in both Persona 4 and Persona 5, so it seems fair and fitting that I would take a look at the waifu offering in Persona 3 as well. This is the game that helped jumpstart the series’ popularity outside of Japan and introduced a lot of features to Persona […]Read More

3 JRock Songs We Loved in September

You made it through another month of 2020, which itself is a pretty big accomplishment. And while September might not have been the most comforting month this year, we still had some great JRock songs to get us through. I’ve dug up some of the best songs released last month as well as some older […]Read More

Our Top 3 Anime Sidekicks

Anime is filled with heroes. From Goku to Luffy to the entire cast of My Hero Academia (except you, Mineta), the medium is filled with them. But no hero’s journey is complete without someone backing them up, getting them out of trouble when they get in over their head, and generally being someone the audience […]Read More

Dragon Ball: The Waifu Review

Like many people, Dragon Ball was my gateway into anime. It’s one of the biggest media properties on the planet and its hero, Son Goku, is one of the most recognisable characters in the world. The show launched a thousand tropes and memes that live strong to this day. But we’re not here to celebrate […]Read More