Akiba’s Trip Review (PS4)

This is a game I imported long long ago when it was first released in Japan on PS3 and PS Vita, convinced that the complicated rights issues surrounding all of the real-life businesses and ads in Akihabara would ensure it would never see an English release (crow is delicious, incidentally, and bravo to XSEED (NA’s […]Read More

Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! Review (PS3)

It’s certainly not uncommon for titles of fighting games to throw on a lot of extras (generally, positive adjectives). This is even frequently mocked in fighting game parodies. That said, I can’t remember the last fighting game to use an exclamation mark in its name, and this game uses 5, so going into it certainly […]Read More

Tears to Tiara II Review (PS3)

If you’re wondering what happened to the first game in this series, it was never released outside of Japan. Starting as an adult-oriented game, it earned enough of a reputation as a decent game that it was eventually retooled and re-released on PS3 and PSP with its adult material removed. Tears to Tiara II went […]Read More