The 6 Best Video Game Monkeys (And Apes)

Gorilla Boyfriend, a bizarre new gorilla/human dating game is set for release on both Android and iOS in August. Whether Gorilla Boyfriend will prove prosperous or preposterous remains to be seen, though video game monkeys have made for popular characters in the past.       Here, in no particular order, is my list of the best […]Read More

Makura No Danshi First Look – Sweet or Terrifying? (Anime)

Makura No Danshi, a new romantic anime series, began airing in Japan on July 13th, where the story invites the viewer to sleep beside a male companion each week. Now on its third episode , I have reviewed the series so far and discovered that while the series intends to facilitate sweet dreams, it may give the […]Read More

12 Drunk Night Out Pikachu Reaction GIFs

2015 marks 20 years since Satoshi Tajiri began creating Pokemon, in 1995. The franchise and its characters have obviously become immensely popular, none more so than Ash Ketchum’s sparky sidekick, Pikachu. As such, here are 12 Pikachu reaction GIFs that explore what happens when Pikachu gets buzzed. A topic that needed covering, and needed covering now. […]Read More

5 One Piece Devil Fruit and the WWE Superstars That

The wrestlers of WWE may be self-professed superstars, but even the best of athletes have an Achilles’ heel. Therefore, certain wrestlers could benefit from the help of One Piece’s Devil Fruit, mystical fruits which grant the eater strange powers. I’ve compiled a list of superstars and the devil fruit they could eat to boost their brute […]Read More

Free Major Splatoon Update Available from August 5th

Splatoon is set to receive a major update on August 5th, according to a statement from Nintendo of America. The free software update will incorporate plenty of new content into Splatoon, including 2 matchmaking battle modes, new weapons, an increase in the game’s level cap, and access to over 40 new pieces of gear. While Splatoon […]Read More

Popular Primate Inspires Gorilla Dating Game “Gorilla Boyfriend”

Inside Games are set to release a new dating game, Gorilla Boyfriend, apparently in response to the explosion in popularity of Shabani, a handsome gorilla housed in a Japanese zoo.            Japanese women have gone ape for silverback Shabani, flocking to Higashiyama Zoo and posting pictures of the popular primate on […]Read More

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Release Date Announced

Bandai Namco have announced Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment to be released on August 4th in Europe, exclusively on the Playstation Network. Fans have anticipated the release of this game for a long time, originally releasing on Vita.   The game will be available exclusively on Playstation Network, and will not be available as a […]Read More