Aikano: Yukizora no Triangle Releasing On PS4 In Japan

Aikano: Yukizora no Triangle is a visual novel about a love triangle between a track and field club member and his close friends. The game first release don PC over in Japan, but now we know that Entergram will be releasing the visual novel on PS4 on October 29. There’s also going to be a […]Read More

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Story Preview Released

With the game only a day away from release, we’ve got another trailer for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, this time focusing more on the story! The game had been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, but is finally ready to be released, and we’re excited to jump into the world of Sword Art again, […]Read More

Ys Origin Coming To Switch In 2020

Dotemu have announced that Ys Origin is on the way to Switch this year, and it even comes with a Collector’s Edition! The news came in a tweet thread earlier, in which Dotemu confirmed that the game will be releasing via Limited Run Games and ‘European retailers’. If you’re in North America, you’re in for […]Read More

Waifu Uncovered Coming To Switch

The shoot ’em up game revolving around waifu’s, Waifu Uncovered is releasing on Switch on July 16 via the eShop. You’ll be able to preload the game from July 9, which is already available on Steam (adult only check required!). The Steam description gives these features as highlights: Check out the Waifu Uncovered Switch trailer:Read More

Please Be Happy Is Coming To Switch & Steam

Please Be Happy is a slice of live visual novel from developers Studio Elan and Sekai Games, and it’s making its way to Switch and PC this year. The news came with an official trailer: Please Be Happy Trailer We don’t have an exact release date yet, it’s currently set on Steam to ‘Coming 2020… […]Read More

Get A Look At The Characters In Tears Of Avia

PQube have released descriptions of the main party members in Tears of Avia, along with what you can expect of them! Tears of Avia is due out later this summer on Steam and Xbox One, and we’re starting to see more information about the game and its characters. With this in mind, PQube have released […]Read More

EVO Online 2020 Cancelled

EVO Online 2020 cancelled after sexual misconduct allegations were placed against Joey Cuellar, otherwise known as Mr Wiz – the CEO of EVO. After the accusations, many of the participating companies pulled out of EVO Online 2020, which had been created as an online replacement for the usual tournament, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The […]Read More

PSO2 KonoSuba Fashion Added In Blessed World Event

In some of the first we’ve seen of the proposed ‘eight years of content’ , we’re getting some PSO2 KonoSuba fashion, through AC Scratch Tickets. You’ll be able to get the new items through the Blessed World AC Scratch Ticket collection, which is available until July 28, in a promotion for KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on […]Read More

Sailor Moon Wedding Dresses Are Now A Thing

Ever wanted to get married in the name of the Moon? Well now’s your chance with these Sailor Moon wedding dresses! Mariarose have teamed up with Sailor Moon to reveal a collection of both dresses and suits (although the suits are slightly more on the wild side) inspired by characters from the incredibly popular shojo […]Read More