Ciel Fledge Gets Release Date And Gameplay Walkthrough

Ciel Fledge, the upcoming Daughter Raising Simulator, will be released worldwide on 21st February 2020 for Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam. PQube also released a bunch of new information alongside a 6 minute gameplay walkthrough detailing the various mechanics involved in the title.   In a press release today, PQube and Studio Namaapa announced that Ciel […]Read More

Persona 5 Royal Special Editions Are Here – And They’re

By one means or another yesterday, the news broke that the Western release for Persona 5 Royal would be on March 31st 2020. Along with the release date announcement, we also got a new trailer and some incredible Persona 5 Royal special editions. The special editions can be pre-ordered online now.    The Launch Edition […]Read More

Resident Evil 3 Remake Covers Added To PlayStation Store

The rumoured Resident Evil 3 Remake appears to have just been confirmed on the PlayStation Store via an upload of official cover art for both Resident Evil 3 and it’s Biohazard counterpart!       The covers appeared on Gamstat, a tracker for everything uploaded to the PlayStation Store. The games have been rumoured for […]Read More

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] Debuts New Londrekia Trailer

The Frozen Fang of Eternity, Londrekia, joins Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] as the 21st character in the roster. The new trailer shows off Londrekia’s moveset, in particular his ice-based attacks. He certainly lives up to his title, that’s for sure.     Today, PQube released a new trailer for the February 21st 2020 release from […]Read More

UPDATE: Persona 5 Royal English Version Release Date Revealed

Ahead of the official announcement by Atlus on the 3rd December, various Asian regions of the PlayStation Store are displaying an English / Chinese version of the revamped JRPG. This could give us an insight into the Persona 5 Royal Western release date.     [UPDATE] PlayStation have confirmed the Western release date to be […]Read More

Link Is Joining Super Mario Maker 2 as a Playable

With version 2.0 incoming, Link is joining Super Mario Maker 2 as a playable character, along with the Master Sword, new enemies and features on 5th December. Players can also expect a new game mode which will compete them against each other.     According to Nintendo, the Hero of Time will be available via […]Read More