Awesome BlazBlue Graffiti Animation

I was going through one of our old YouTube accounts the other day and rediscovered this awesome BlazBlue graffiti animation we did about five years ago – so thought I’d share it on here. This was when we were originally working on BlazBlue Calamity Trigger and we decided we were thinking of some fun stuff we could do.


Arc System Works supplied us with an INSANE amount of original concept art for us to use back then, and the animation came from the BB teams original hand drawings for the key frames of some of Noel’s attacks.


Thankfully the city of Bristol, which is where we’re based, has a pretty relaxed attitude when it comes to street art. In case you’re wondering, the music for this is a remix by DJ Chamber, who use to to be our community manager. He’s done a few BlazBlue remixes in the past which you can find on his soundcloud.


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