Azur Lane: Crosswave Confirmed To Be Coming To PS4 In 2020

You might be familiar with Azur Lane, the side-scrolling shooter for mobile, that takes place in a world comprising of personified battleships. If mobile isn’t your kind of thing, the publisher Yostar have revealed that they’re bring this game world to the Playstation 4 with Azur Lane: Crosswave in 2020! 


Azur Lane, the original mobile app game released in China in 2017 for iOS and Android platforms, reached critical acclaim in China and Japan, hitting five million players within its first four months, before heading West earlier this year.


Azur Lane: Crosswave features a multitude of popular commanders in a 3D light. In a Japanese PS4 screenshot batch, Yostar have introduced us to some of the playable characters including Ayanami, Javelin, Prinz Eugen, Laffey, and Ping Hai.



About Azur Lane: Crosswave:

Azur Lane: Crosswave takes the spirit of the mobile game and uses the Unreal Engine to bring its characters to life in a massive 3D world, so fans can see them like they’ve never seen them before. The in-game character designs will also feature cel-shaded anime style 3D graphics that stay true to the original art.



Key Game Features:
  • – Ships at Bae – Players will need to defeat enemy ships and meet special criteria to unlock and customise new characters. Swap weapons and even cute accessories to fit your needs as the top commander of the seas! With a multitude of characters to collect each equipped with unique strengths and abilities and NPCs to unlock, every player will definitely find their favourite commander to customise!
  • – Ready Your Torpedoes & Set Sail – Before you set sail, players can prepare their character units, formations, and equipment. Customising and preparing your formation ahead of battle is crucial!
  • – Glide & Weave – Don’t just sit out there like a buoy! Prepare yourself and input your attacks!  Pay close attention to aerial bombs, underwater torpedoes, and incoming projectiles. Launch and aim your torpedoes, shoot down incoming aerial attacks with your anti-air guns, and swiftly glide past any incoming missiles!
  • – Unreal Big Fish – Azur Lane: Crosswave uses the Unreal Engine and it brings your favourite 2D characters in the original mobile app come to life in this 3D, cel-shaded world!



We love some of these designs, but are yet to make up our minds about the game itself. But what do you think? Have you played the original Azur Lane mobile title? Are you looking forward to Azur Lane: Crosswave? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook, and check back for more coverage of this and other Japanese titles!

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