Idol-Filled visual novel B-Project: Ryusei Fantasia launching July

Our friends over at PQube have revealed that the upcoming idol visual novel B-Project: Ryusei Fantasia now has a western release date.

The digital Switch and PC versions will launch on July 15, 2024, with a physical Switch edition coming shortly after on July 26 – early digital purchases will receive a 10% discount. Retailers stocking the physical release can be found via the official website.

In addition to the release date, PQube has also released a demo for the PC version of B-Project: Ryusei Fantasia. It’s part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest (despite the slightly early launch), with the demo staying up until June 17, 2024.

B-Project overview via PQube:

Do you love boybands, or J-Pop? Have you ever dreamed of being the driving force behind a successful idol group? Well now you can experience it in visual novel form!

Step into the hardworking shoes of Sumisora Tsubasa, an A&R (Artist & Repertoire) to the talented idol group, B-Project. Take these 14 young members under your wing, each with their own personalities and struggles, and support them, help them grow, and let them to flourish!

Discover the beginnings of the different idol groups – KITAKORE, MooNs, THRIVE and KiLLER KiNG. Learn about their trainee days and the struggles they faced on the path to success. Follow the story as they join together to become one group, B-Project, and stand on Japan’s brightest stage.

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