Baiken Detailed in Latest Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 Spotlight

Two of the biggest things about Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2‘s update to Revelator are the two new characters — Answer and Baiken. Baiken is a fan favourite that fans have been asking to return for a long time! The latest highlight from PQube about the game details just how she’ll play this time around.



Baiken is a samurai who has a massive amount of disrespect for the frivolous few who dare to stand in her way. She’s slower paced, and can connect with some devastating combos. But don’t think you can escape her range so easily, using her grapple-hook arm she can reel you in again and again — relentless! All roads lead to a hurting in Baiken-city. But here’s what PQube has to say about how she’ll play this time around:



One of the few people of Japanese descent left in the world of GUILTY GEAR after Japan was almost entirely destroyed in the crusades, Baiken is brash, impulsive, anti-social and motivated by a burning desire for revenge against Gears. She wanders the world looking for signs of That Man, the person she believes responsible for the death of her family and the crippling injuries she sustained as a child.



Despite only having one arm, Baiken has incredible skill with her katana and has developed a unique fighting style using a variety of weapons up her sleeve. Her ‘demon tools’ include a mace, cannon, bladed fan, hook, claw and a spear.



Baiken has a new trick, with her new projectile, the Suzuran Yashagatana, that shoots a rocket along the ground. She can utilize a Yellow Roman Cancel to use the projectile to cover her approach.



In REV 2, Baiken is an offensively minded character with limited defensive tools. Her main defensive strategy is her Azami stance, which allows her to counter attacks, both on the ground and in the air.



Her mobility is slower, so she spends most her time controlling space with her sword, mace and infamous tatami mat, while trying to corner her opponents and looking for a knockdown opportunity.



Baiken shines when she knocks the opponent down, with several options for putting on the pressure and making her opponents crack.



Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 releases on 26th May 2017 for PlayStation 4 physically, and PlayStation 3 digitally.


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