Bakemonogatari Manga Announced With Kodansha

To be honest I didn’t realise that the Monogatari series didn’t already have a manga. Originally a popular light novel series (starting off with Bakemonogatari), the series has been adapted into a still running anime series that’s very popular and super well animated. But now, the inevitable and appreciated manga version is coming.


Series author NisiOisiN tweeted the announcement today, telling us it’ll be starting on 14th March 2018 in the 15th issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine, Kodansha’s biggest manga anthology publication, with the second highest circulation in Japan (behind, of course, Jump).


The cover of the first part of the anime.


Koyomi Araragi is the main star of the show, a guy who briefly became a vampire. After that, he ends up getting mixed up with all sorts of supernatural events, which mostly involve meeting lots of women who each have some bizarre affliction.


NisiOisiN is a great writer, and most of the series revolves around character interaction and dialogue, though it does have bits of action and supernatural horror due to the premise. But, it’s the writing itself that’s what makes the series popular.


The cover for the English release of the first part of the light novel.


The manga series will be published alongside some of Kodanasha’s other hits in the magazine, such as The Seven Deadly Sins, Fuuka, and Ace of Diamond. Kodansha are usually pretty good at providing digital releases of their currently running manga, so keep an eye out for those!


The announcement is only for a manga series based on Bakemonogatari, the first part of the Monogatari series. Each section has its own name (such as NekomonogatariNisemonogatari, etc.), some of which are spin-off stories from the main thing. But, if the Bakemonogatari series is popular, it’s safe to assume more of the story will continue to be adapted.


The Bakemonogatari manga will begin publication in Weekly Shonen Magazine on 14th March 2018.

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