Balan Wonderworld getting day one patch due to negative feedback

Reactions to the Balan Wonderworld demo have been… pretty negative, to put it mildly. Fellow writer Lilia stated that the game “deserves to be better than what we currently have”, with excitement for its full release seemingly non-existent on social media.

In response to this, Balan Wonderworld producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto has announced that a day one patch will be released, to address a handful of the game’s issues.

According to Fujimoto, while “it simply isn’t feasible to reflect every piece of feedback into the game” at its current stage of development, the patch will at least make adjustments to the game’s movement controls and camera, along with some difficulty tweaks.

For Balan Wonderworld to be a success, these changes are probably not enough. We’ll have to wait and see if the game receives any major updates post-launch, though it might be too late at this point.

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