Bandai Namco Announce Wii U’s Project Treasure as Lost Reavers

You might remember back in the January Nintendo Direct we reported on Katsuhiro Harada’s mysterious Wii U title, a free-to-play game known only as Project Treasure. Now Bandai Namco have officially announced the game as Lost Reavers, along with a trailer including plenty of gameplay, and an official website.  Take a look at the trailer below:



The team of 4 diverse characters (and it looks like it has to be 4) have to collect relics hidden in areas ranging from ancient tombs to some more modern looking places. Obstacles, enemies, and puzzles abound to make the task more difficult. It’s a simple sounding affair, as the core of most good F2P games should be.




There’s a focus on teamwork and working together, reminding me in some ways of online games like Left 4 Dead. This will come to the fore when fighting the giant bosses, which seem to be optional but give you good loot. It’s a risk/reward thing by the look of it. The sort of delicious greed-based gameplay that’s the reason we love The Crystal Maze, Deal or No Deal, and Samurai Warriors 4-II‘s Survival Mode.




The most interesting aspect of the game looks to be how the different characters will compliment one another. Each one has their own unique fighting style, and with that something different to offer the team, which is why working together will be so important. The game utilises a “Multi-View Action System”, which for example will allow some characters to enter a first person shooter style view.




It hasn’t been announced when the initial beta will go live in Japan, but the announcement says it will be announced soon, so that’s something. There has also been no news about it coming to the west, though as it was mentioned in the January Nintendo Direct in all countries, you would hope so. It’s also not quite clear how the F2P elements of the game will work exactly, but the game itself seems interesting enough for us to want to know more!


Take a look at all the initial images from the website here:


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