Bandai Namco Changing its Name Again

It has been less than a year since Namco Bandai Games changed its name to Bandai Namco Games. Today the company has decided to change its name once again. This time they seem to want to emphasize the Entertainment aspect of their company by swapping out the Games part of their name with Entertainment.



The details about this change can be found on their official site, both in Japanese and English. This change will propagate on April 1st, 2015.


Bandai Namco Entertainment - List

For all those wanting a little history lesson, NAMCO (acronym for Nakamura Amusement machine Manufacturing COmpany) was a company founded in 1955 running children’s rides. They quickly went into gaming becoming very successful. In 2005 they merged with Bandai becoming the Bandai Namco Games. The interesting thing is that this company was known in Japan as Bandai Namco Games while in the west it was called Namco Bandai Games. This difference was the reason for the global change to Bandai Namco Games earlier this year, as they wanted to unify the name internationally. The new change from Games to Entertainment will no longer limit the company to the sphere of games and will allow for them to branch out to other forms of entertainment.

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