Bandai Namco outline upcoming Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom DLC

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom launched back in March to decent critical acclaim and, despite launching alongside a possible Season Pass that could be purchased, we had little information on what the DLC plan was for the game or when it would arrive. However, Bandai Namco this morning finally broken their silence on the DLC plan! 


Coming up first will be the “Adventure Pack”, which will be free to download and will be released 9th August. This DLC promises to provide new challenges for experienced players, adding additional floors to the Faraway Forest which upon clearing, will reward players with new costumes for Evan and other characters. Players will also be able to challenge themselves against even stronger new bosses; ‘Blackhart’ and ‘Zeta’. Additional quests will be unlocked after completing the story and unique rewards can be acquired.


The second DLC is coming this winter, featuring a new puzzling dungeon. Players will face a series of difficult challenges and powerful enemies while trying to reach for the deepest floors with great rewards awaiting those that do! Finally, the third DLC is planned for early next year with new exciting content and game features, as well as a whole new story expansion. Further details will be shared soon.



So, what do you think of this as DLC for Ni No Kuni II? Picking up the “Adventure Pack” is a given as it’s free, but will you be grabbing the Season Pass for the second and third DLC packs? Regardless, keep an eye on Rice Digital for more information on Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom in the future.

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