Base Goku and Vegeta Trailers Highlight Their Differences

Base Goku and Base Vegeta are the next characters to be joining Dragon Ball FighterZ’s growing roster, and I’m particularly excited to utilise Goku’s iconic Spirit Bomb and Kaioken moves! Those worried that these will be too similar to their Super Saiyan counterparts need not worry, because they’re looking pretty unique.


Check out how crisp and beautiful Goku’s Kaioken form is, as well as the power boost it gives him, and his devastating Spirit Bomb which is both the most powerful but slowest super in the game. He even flies in on his Flying Nimbus!



Vegeta dons his Battle Armour and comes equipped with his Galick Gun, Dirty Fireworks and his Galaxy Breaker technique which sees him explode his Ki around himself.



I’m very excited to get my hands on Base Goku and Base Vegeta. I understand that people are upset that there’s another form of each of these characters coming to the game, but they’re coming with unique move sets and iconic specials, and Kaioken sounds like it’ll be a real game-changer. If the DLC leak is to be believed, and so far it’s been wholly accurate, then Cooler and Android 17 (Super) are the last DLC characters of season one.


Base Goku and Base Vegeta launch early next month.

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