Battle Princess of Arcadia Announced

Nippon Ichi fans rejoice! Battle Princess of Arcadia announced yesterday – a game hitherto known as Project Arcadia.  A side-scrolling action RPG – with beautiful artwork, the game’s main hook centers around her ability to draw on 900 different weapons to take down the game’s monsters and giant bosses.


Little gameplay detail has been revealed so far, with Dengeki’s announcement covering off the basics of Story and setting.



The game will take place on a continent besieged by monsters. Divided up into seven Kingdoms, Battle Princess Arcadia focuses on one such Kingdom – Schwert – under the protection of the main character Plume – a Princess said to have the power of a thousand soliders.



When her kingdom falls to the Monster horde, Plume begins her quest to put the land to rights.


Little else is known so far but looking at the screens suggests that Plume can be partnered by up to two additional warriors that she can call on – though whether these can be controlled by other human players is unknown.



The fighting system will focus on the many weapons at her disposal, where combining them with Plume’s various abilities will open up new styles of attack.


Personally, I’m hoping for plenty of co-op opportunities here! The game will release on PlayStation 3 in Japan in September.


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