Berserk Showcases First Screenshots and Full Trailer

After it’s reveal earlier this month, Koei Tecmo finally showcases its upcoming Berserk Musou game. Whereas the initial titillating trailer, focused solely on Casca’s gracious curves, this time we get to see the actual gameplay and it looks bloody awesome.



Berserk  is based on the eponymic manga, which also sprawled anime series, film series and several video games. Koei Tecmo’s Berserk game will cover the “Golden Age Arc” to “Millennium Falcon Arc” of the original manga series. It will be in the style of their Dynasty Warriors games. The developers promise to include more character interaction, not seen in the anime adaptation. You will be able to chop up and exterminate thousands of enemies with a number of series’ iconic characters each with their special abilities and skills.


The game releases on Ps4, PS3 (only as a digital download), PSVita and Steam. The release date for Japan is 21st September and the worldwide release will be revealed soon.


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