Misleadingly named Biohazard Village releases on Steam, is removed within a day

It’s not uncommon to see low effort games releasing on Steam, but they’re usually not this blatant when it comes to ripping off other, more popular titles. Naming your new project Biohazard Village is certainly one way to get noticed, and not for the right reasons.

It’s made abundantly clear from the start that this game was made with the intention of misleading people. The name is a direct copy of Capcom’s upcoming Biohazard (Resident Evil in the West) sequel, even down to the Roman numerals inside the logo.

As for the actual game, it was nothing like the real Biohazard Village. Despite some zombies and the mention of a “man-made disaster”, it just ended up being yet another cheap, ugly zombie game on Steam.

Whether Capcom got involved, or Valve realised that letting the game on their store was a bad idea, Biohazard Village is now gone from Steam. In fact, it didn’t even take 24 hours for the game to be removed. With how quickly it disappeared, you have to wonder why it was even allowed on the store in the first place…

Thanks to Daniel Ahmad for the tweet showing off Biohazard Village’s store page.

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