The BladeGC is a different take on GameCube controllers

Gaming accessory manufacturer Retro Fighters has announced the BladeGC wireless controller to commemorate the GameCube’s 20th anniversary.

The BladeGC is compatible with GameCube (potentially Wii too), Switch and PC, and offers a controller layout that’s halfway between the original GameCube controller and more standard controllers. Its shape is close to a Switch Pro Controller, the analogue sticks are both at the bottom like you’d see on Sony controllers, and the face buttons mirror the GameCube controller layout.

It’s hard to tell how well the BladeGC will function in games like Smash Bros, but it should make for an interesting experience — it might mess with your muscle memory due to the unique layout, however. At roughly £29 via retailer Castlemania Games ($39.99 via Retro Fighters directly), it doesn’t break the bank either.

BladeGC controller purple

Sold in black, orange, and purple variants, the BladeGC will only be available for pre-order until October 4, 2021. There’s no guarantee that the controller will be available later, so make sure to check it out before it’s gone.

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