BlazBlue Battle Cards Out Now On iOS

 BlazBlue Battle Cards Out Now On iOS

BlazBlue Battle Cards is Out Now On iOS. I do have a very distant recollection of this existing, but I didn’t realise it was so close to release. So close as in, BlazBlue Battle Cards is out now. As in, NOW. Today. On iOS. So if you DO fancy some BlazBlue Battle Cards – then there’s ZERO waiting time.



Er… not unless you’re counting the amount of time it takes to pull your tablet from your bag, navigate to the App Store and then press to download and install. Which isn’t really much time at all. Technicaly not ZERO time, but still pretty fast!




By the looks of it, it’s a bit Hearthstone-y with character and power cards that you use you take down your opponent and also a little deck building on the side. This is no bad thing because a) I like BlazBlue and b) I like Hearthstone. So today really couldn’t get any better.




If you want to check it out, look at the BlazBlue Battle Cards pictures! Watch the BlazBlue Battle Cards trailer and then… well, download BlazBlue Battle Cards.




It’s free! And out today! (just in case you missed that bit!) and is compatible with iPads from iPad 2 up 🙂 Also: online battling!




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