BlazBlue Central Fiction Adds Xblaze’s Es, New Screenshots

Fans of BlazBlue Visual Novel spin-off spin off series Xblaze are in for a treat with BlazBlue Central Fiction, as Arc System Works have revealed in Famitsu that Xblaze‘s Es will be playable in the latest BlazBlue addition.




Es’ inclusion in BlazBlue Central Fiction also follows on from BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend‘s Remix Heart features. Arc System Works seem to be wanting to please fans of BlazBlue and its extended universe as much as possible.




Es is a highlight of Xblaze for many. She’s one of the most interesting and badass characters in the game. She likes pudding. She does not like Japanese pears.




The issue of Famitsu also featured some more general BlazBlue Central Fiction screenshots, including one that shows off the game’s menu. The modes in the screenshot translate as Arcade, V.S., Grimm of Abyss, Score Attack, & Speed Star.




BlazBlue Central Fiction is coming to PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 this year.



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