BlazBlue Chronophantasma Limited Edition and Game Mode details

Famitsu have just released more information on the forthcoming Japanese release of BlazBlue Chronophantasma! Due to release in Japan on the 24th of October – Famitsu outlines some of the new game modes you can expect to play, as well as unveiling the boxart for both normal and limited editions.


So without further ado – here are the basics.



Standard edition boxart features the new playable characters.



The Limted Edition boxart is an all new illustration featuring Noel, Rachel and Celica A. Mercury.



The online Lobby system has been greatly expanded. Accomodating up to 64 players – you take control of a chibi version of your character and can move around freely – choosing who you want to fight against on different machines – a bit like a virtual arcade!


While you’re waiting you can also fight against CPU opponents.


Players will now have something called a D-Code – this is like your signature, or business card – which contrains your player information, ranking and titles etc. In the lobbies you’re now able to message people within the lobby area in order to set up matches of your choice.



Player matches are now much more versatile than before. Allowing you to specify your room type. You can create rooms where multiple users can watch replays together. Normal play and spectate rooms. Rooms where you can just train (with no vitality loss) and a free for all where you simply fight each other.


Room size has also been expanded from 6 to 8 players and also allows for text chat.


The new Library mode looks like it’s pretty exhaustive – focusing on all elements of BlazBlue lore and, even better, providing a glossary of fighting game terms. BlazBlue has always provided great training and learning suites, so it’s fantastic to see Chronophantasma continue in this tradition.


If you don’t know your guard cancel from your okizeme, then this is the place to be.



Not necessarily a new mode, but Teach Me Miss Litchi is also back – the highly amusing Chibi skits which go into great detail, and more than a little humour, into the world of BlazBlue. Expect new episodes covering the likes of Ikaruga and even the ‘Phase’ Light Novel series!



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