BlazBlue Clone Phantasma coming to Nintendo eShop THIS WEEK!

Surprise! Looks like we’ll be getting BlazBlue Clone Phantasma much sooner than we thought. Like in two days. Nice of Arc System works to give us the heads up then. If you didn’t already know – BlazBlue Clone Phantasma is the follow up to BlazyBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale. Which is essentially, Chibi versions of the BB cast, going at it in an arena.


BlazBlue Clone Phantasma sees you trying to knock enemies off each stage – while experiencing an amusing little story for each of the ten playable characters.




The roster for BlazBlue Clone Phantasma  is as follows;


Ragna the Bloodedge
Jin Kisaragi
Noel Vermillion
Rachel Alucard
Hazama (Yuki Terumi)
Platinum the Trinty
Makoto Nanaya
Bang Shishigami




There’s also a challenge mode in there, which is all about the high scores.


It’s a fairly lightweight offering for sure – but at $5.99 we’re okay with that. Especially if it means getting a little more of that cheeky BB humour. It’s out this Thursday – 21st of August, everywhere but Europe.


Because… Europe.


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